Meet Sarine

Nutritionist & Health Coach

Who am I?

Hey babe! My name is Sarine, I’m a certified health coach and have a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and dietetics. I’m a firm advocate of preventative nutrition; using food to prevent potential diseases to the best of our abilities. Why wait for a life threatening disease to make a change? Preventing is much easier than curing! My passion for nutrition and wellness arose after I graduated high school. I had decided to transition to a fully plant-based diet after doing a ton of research. Growing up I always had high cholesterol, since it was native in my genetics. Despite the fact that I wasn’t overweight and was very active, I couldn’t control my genes…at least I thought I couldn’t. After just a few months of changing my diet, my cholesterol levels dropped dramatically. I was astonished by how powerful food can be and went on to study nutrition in college. I remained fully plant-based for 5 years and just recently reintroduced seafood and eggs back into my diet. I’m constantly shifting my lifestyle to fit my body’s needs in its specific cycle. I experimented with many ways of eating and found what works best for me. My goal is to help other women find what works best for them. Our lifestyles are not a one size fits all model. There are many DOs and DONTs that I’ve experienced and would love to share with others.

As I got older (I sound like I’m really old, I’m 25!) I started having deeper conversations with women I met and unfortunately realized how much our education system has failed us. Majority of older women didn’t even know we have 4 different phases throughout our menstrual cycle! I’m not shaming them in any way, it was just shocking and sad to hear their stories and how many of them could’ve been prevented! Women are constantly doubted by healthcare professionals when it comes to their own health, bodies, and pains. Did you know majority of nutrition and fitness studies have been conducted on men? The benefits shown of intermittent fasting on weight loss, for example only apply to certain phases of women’s menstrual cycles. Some exercises can even disrupt our hormonal balance if performed during the wrong phase. Having gone through excruciating period pains, nausea/vomiting, and shivers while doctors told me it’s “normal”, I knew I had to find a solution on my own. Alisa Vitti’s “In the Flo” was an absolutely life changing book for me. Now, I share my experiences with Cycle Syncing, balanced whole recipes and exercises that compliment different phases of your cycle, and overall wellness and lifestyle content. I’m happy to answer any questions and can be reached directly through Instagram direct messages or email. Talk soon! xx




I’ve witnessed a lot of misleading information on the internet, social media, and on other nutrition “expert” pages. What sets me apart is authenticity and knowledgable background; anyone who knows me personally knows that I’m big on honesty. That being said, I’m not a fan of selling unnecessary and expensive supplements that aren’t regulated. I only promote products and companies I’m 100% an advocate of. If you’re interested in learning more about how how to biohack your 28-day cycle, balance your hormones, and live freely in your femininity, follow me on Instagram!


“Forget unsustainable diet culture babe, 

it’s time to change your lifestyle.”